Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp

I do not hold any regularly scheduled classes or seminars but you are welcome to solicit an appointment from me. I prefer to conduct the classes at my location (Albuquerque, NM. I feel the time needed to cover the material well (and get in some production sewing too) is a minimum of 3 days although it can be less depending on your particular needs (all classes are designed to your specific needs). My most popular seminar has been described as “manufacturing boot-camp” because it is hard work. You must have the physical stamina and personal discipline to focus on the task at hand. We’ll eat lunch in the factory, and there is homework every night.

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Read this carefully!

Being able to reduce production costs rarely — if ever — requires reduction in product quality. Using industrial production standards is the only proven method of lowering production costs at the outset. The basics covered are how to check a pattern, how to mark it so that it can be used by people who do not speak English or maybe cannot read at all. You will learn to transmit precise information through the use of schematics, notches, punches and color-coding. You will learn how to manage a pattern library through the use of a pattern number inventory system.

Cowboy Boots

A note to designers:

Do not assume a pattern maker you have hired knows these things although they must. If they do not know, they need to learn them just like everybody else. Industrial pattern making is a prescribed set of skills that anyone can learn regardless of whether they have studied pattern making or not. Were a person to learn these skills well, these would qualify them to work as a pattern technician or assistant pattern maker but it does not involve pattern drafting per se. Industrial pattern skills are closer to a program of industry standards and procedures that are required for quality construction in manufacturing.


On Site: Roughly, the daily fee is $1500 for the exclusive use of my factory, my staff and my expertise.

Off Site: For most US customers, I charge $1,950 per day with a two or three day minimum, depending on your location.

It is possible to negotiate a lower rate if you want to learn something I do well but have little or no experience teaching as a topic. Please feel free to propose your idea.

Owing to standard safety regulations, you will need to dress appropriately. This means closed toe shoes (no heels), no dangling accessories, no jewelry, etc. Wear sturdy slacks or jeans. Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want ruined.

Please, no colognes or perfumes! I’m very allergic to them.


• 5000 sq ft building
• Wifi network and high peed internet
• New air conditioning and heat throughout
• Skylights in all work areas

• StyleCAD pattern, grading & marking software
• 4′ x 6′ Accugrid digitizing table
• 72″ Ioline pen plotter
• Dual monitor PC workstation

Sewing Machines:
• Single needle Adler 271-140342
• 3 Single needle Adler 281-140342
• Single needle Mitsubishi DB-170
• Flatlock Merrow Activeseam MB-4DFO
• Needle feed, Juki DLN-9010SH
• Coverstitch 5 thread Kansai WX-8803D
• Buttonhole/Bar tack Siruba BH790
• 2 Walking foot Juki DNU-1541S
• 5 thread safety stitch overlock Reliable MSK-3316N
• Blind hemmer Consew 817
• Pocket welting machine, Reece 42

Cutting & Misc Equipment

• Two 48 foot, 72″ wide cutting tables with rails
• Eastman Blue Streak 8″ cutting knife
• Over 200 feet of feedrail
• Two 68″ spreaders
• Cloth notching tool
• 4″ round knife (and 2 chickadees)
• Button making machine
• Snap & nail head setter, kick press
• Belt and tie turner
• Washer & Dryer
• Alvanon full body form (UK size 12), 2006
• Alvanon squishy form, US size 10, 2012
• Alvanon full body child’s form, US size 6, 2007

• 1.5 liter Boiler Iron (Reliable)
• Blower & vacuum extraction pressing station
• Sussman gravity feed iron

If you have read this far and I haven’t managed to frighten you off and you’d still like to hire me, then great! I’d love to hear from you.

Icon credits: “Cowboy Boot” by Claire Jones from the Noun Project